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How to succeed in work and life

Gambar Muka Surat
Tahun Penerbitan
Main Author
Todd Duncan

In How to Succeed in Work & Life, New York Times Best-selling author Todd Duncan challenges the status quo in search of a better, smarter way to work an live. He profiles several people striking out to find "balance". You'll meet an entrepreneur, a bartender, an an accoutant, among others. You'll hear their stories, their challenges, their insights, and the critical lessons they learned.


Duncan contands the last thing we need amid life's inherent ibbalance is another attempt at a how-to formula for perfect balance--equal parts work and life. In fact, he argues that such a holy grail does not exist. Instead, he has issued a more pragmatic formula he calls purposeful imbalance: the process of purposefully learning toward work without sacrificing life and purposefully learning life without damaging your career.