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CORRECT ENGLISH SPELLING : An Ideal Guide To Write Excellent English

Gambar Muka Surat
Tahun Penerbitan
Main Author

This book is intended to guide students, who are weak in spelling, to write excellent English with perfect/correct spelling. This book helps the students to use correctly spelled words, avoiding ambiguity and uncertainties. The numerous entries in this book, explains the various rules applicable for correct spelling. If adhered strictly to the rules of spelling, the students can spell any words correctly and easily, be it ACRONYMS, HOMONYMS, SYNONYMS; words that sound alike or even words with same spelling but with different meaning. It is an accepted fact that anyone who can spell words correctly, he or she is deemed to be a good writer. Therefore to be best students, follow the spelling rules provided in this book. Even writers will be able to enhance their command of written language, with the help of this publication Correct English Spelling.