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Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction

Gambar Muka Surat
Tahun Penerbitan
Main Author
George G. Woodworth

An essential introductory text linking traditional biostatistics with bayesian methods

Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction offers a pioneering approach by presenting the foundations of biostatistics through the Bayesian lens.


Topics covered include:

* Probability and subjective probability

* Distributions and descriptive statistics

* Continuous probability distributions

* Comparing rates and means

* Linear models and statistical adjustment

* Logistic regression and adjusted odds ratios

* Survival analysis

* Hierarchical models and meta-analysis

* Decision theory and sample size determination


The book includes extensive problem sets and references in each chapter, as well as complete instructions on computer analysis with the versatile SAS and WinBUGS software packages as well as the Excel spreadsheet program. For professionals and students, Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction offers a unique, real-world entry point into a remarkable alternative method of interpreting statistical data.