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MASTIC has been providing access to S&T Facilities and Equipments (F&E) database in since 1994. This database lists information owned by various government agencies, research institutions, universities and private companies. This information is vital to tracking down Malaysian advancement and strength in R&D technology

The information in this database is important to support the coordination of utilization and acquisition of new technology in government agencies. In line with the Treasury Circular No. 5 of 1997, the development of e-Survey system can save the cost of establishing new facilities and purchasing equipment for R&D activities. Furthermore, this information can reduce the overlap of procurement among the government agencies and help policymakers as well as the S&T community to devise S&T fund expenditure more effectively.


The scope of F&E data collection is based on the following definition:

S&T Facility

Location or places where research and scientific activities are pursued such as a laboratory, the monitoring centre and site of testing


  1. Research and Quality Assurance Laboratory (JKM)
  2. Genomic Research Facility (MGI)

S&T Equipment

Machine, equipment, apparatus, accessories or parts that are specific or unique worth RM100,000.00 and more which utilized for research activities, analysis, teaching/learning, testing and inspection services.


  1. Liquid Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer
  2. Genetic Analyser
Current Status

All F&E records are constantly updated to ensure MASTIC provides reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive S&T information to the public. Throughout the year 2017, MASTIC has successfully updated data on F&E owned by 15 agencies and departments under the ministry. Successively, MASTIC has published the MOSTI Scientific Equipment Directory 2017/2018. Currently, MASTIC is actively updating F&E data at the national level.

As of June 2018, a total of 827 facilities and 2,734 equipment from various organisations have registered in the e-Survey system.                               

Kindly access the information contained in this database for FREE through the system ( or shared facilities and equipment system (

Search for F&E in can be done through: Home> Search KRSTE > Advanced Search> Search Type> Select ‘Facility / Equipment’.

Registration and Updating

The registration and updating process in e-Survey system are only done by the coordinator appointed from S&T organisation. For further information or technical assistance, please contact the following MASTIC officer:

Cinque Terre

Puan Suriati Binti Mokhlis -- See Profile

Assistant Secretary | C44
Tel: 03-8885 8111
E-mail: suriatimokhlis[at]
General E-mail: infoservices_mastic[at]