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The graph above shows the percentage pf product/technology based on organization type. The rank order is as below :


Rank Organisation Type Number of TECHMart
1 Public Higher Learning Institution 197
2 Government Research Institute (GRI) 127
3 Government Linked Companies (GLC) / Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) 79
4 Government Agencies (GA) 58
5 Business Enterprise (BE) 13
6 Non-Government Organization (NGO) 0
7 Private Higher Learning Institution 0

Graph show number of local product/technology has been registered based on Field of Research (FOR) category on MRDCS. Data showed category in Information, Computer and Techbology (ICT) is the highest number of product/tecnology registered that is 123 follow by Biotechnology (71) and Medical and Health Science (49). For more information about TECHMart, please visit portal.


The figure show the number of products / technologies according 9 fields of research based on sixth edition Malaysian Research and Development Classification (MRDCS). The bar chart shows that the fields of Enginearing and Technology are the main areas of product / technology  that have the potential to be commercialized while fields of Economics, Bussiness and Management product / technology least to be commercialized.