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Introduction (Knowledge Resource for Science and Technology Excellence, Malaysia)

is an initiative by MOSTI and spearheaded by MASTIC to address science and technology issues and challenges faced by the community, the ministry and the country. is designed to be a Single Point Access Facilities (SPAF) providing intelligent collaborative knowledge management and learning services platform on Science and Technology and Innovation.

Definition enables:

  • Knowledge exchange in secure environment.
  • Context based search using semantic technology.
  • Content enrichment with content sources from local and international institution.
  • Informative decision making through state of the art of dashboard facilities.
  • Visual display of content by showing the relationships and big picture view of experts in various field of research.

The Future Is Here!

In short, the Portal will become one of the most sought-after resource-rich platforms for all knowledge and information seekers. It will connect and network all those involved in Research, Development & Commercialisation (RD&C) and stretch to all those who seek to the advancement of knowledge. The availability of various Dashboards will facilitate systematic and easier benchmarking and measurement of indicators, while the constant on-going upgradement of its features and functionalities will keep enriching its knowledge-base and make the Portal.

Application Access

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