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Organization Award Provider
Awards Objectives

This award is to honour those whom made a major scientific discovery or discoveries which contributed to the enhancement of scientific knowledge, come out with new and successfully solved a major technological problem with an economically viable solution.

Eligibility Criteria

General Criteria

  • Has made a major scientific discovery or discoveries which contributed to the enhancement of scientific knowledge.
  • Has successfully solved a major technology problem with an economically viable solution.
  • Has made an original, revolutionary and important invention.
  • Malaysian citizen who resides in Malaysia.
  • Individual or Group effort.
  • Must be submitted by an authorized representative of scientific or professional institution or university in Malaysia of which the nominee is a member.
  • Tax exempted in the hands of the winner.




Two (2) awards of RM30,000 each to deserving Malaysian scientists/researchers in recognition of his/her outstanding achievements/discoveries/contributions in Science and Technology.

Application Procedures

We strongly advise that all interested applicants read and understand the “Online Submission Guide” carefully, before submitting their application forms online to MTSF.

To be processed, assessed and judged on-line, only scanned applications submitted via this website are acceptable. Application forms posted/couriered to the Secretariat in hard copies will not be considered/processed.

  • Please download and complete the application form (in Word Format).
  • Obtain the necessary signature and chop/approval from the relevant institutions/authorities.
  • Scan the entire completed forms (in pdf file) and submit online via this website.
  • For easy of identification, please named/saved the duly completed application form in the following standard format/samples
    • Science & Technology Award-Name of Nominee-University/Institution-Year of Application
  • Please adhere to the requirements when submitting online. All mandatory fields have to be filled/completed.
  • Please check the contents thoroughly before submitting online, as any alteration or re-submission thereafter will be rejected in total.
  • Upon successful submission, the applicant will be acknowledged with a reply email from the Secretariat with a given reference number, for future references.
  • The application for MTSF Awards and Grants shall stay open from 1st January and closes on the 31st May annually. After the midnight of 31 May, the online feature shall log off automatically. Please submit your application early to avoid any disappointment.