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National Innovation Award serves to recognize and acknowledge innovative and creative works that generate ideas, inventions and finished products in science and technology which contributes to economic development. All Malaysians are invited to participate in the National Innovation Award.

Award Recipient Title/Product/Research Field
National Innovation Award, Category Female | 2010
Area : Eastern Region
Arfah Mohd Nasir


‘Brass Colander’ – Fish Paste Extractor

Science and Technology Award MTSF, This award is to honour those whom made a major scientific discovery or discoveries which contributed to the enhancement of scientific knowledge, come out with new and successfully solved a major technological problem with an economically viable solution.

Award Recipient Title/Product/Research Field
Science and Technology Award MTSF |
Professor Dr. Ir. Lim Yun Seng Co-winners Dr. Wong Jian Hui Dr. Chua Kein Huat

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Selangor

Smart Grid Technologies for the Penetration of Renewable Energy

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