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Organization Award Provider
Awards Objectives

• To develop a list of leading research scientists
• To recognize and showcase top Malaysia research scientists as drivers of the national STI agenda
• To identify Malaysia research scientists with pioneer mindset to move the country forward in an innovation-led economy
• To build a critical mass of leading research scientists

Eligibility Criteria

•  The recognition is given to research scientists holding Malaysian citizenship & working in Malaysia whose outstanding achievements in STI have been nationally and internationally recognised.
•  At the time of application, the candidate should be actively involved in research (research activities in the last 5 years should be reflected in the CV) with at least 10 years cumulative contribution towards the progress of STI.
•  The candidate should be of high ethical standing.
•  ASM Fellows are not eligible to apply for this recognition.

The Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM) will be selected through an objective and standardised scoring mechanism based on the following criteria:-

Section A – Knowledge Generation
1. Leadership in research
    a. Total number of research projects as Principle Investigator (PI)
        ▪ International
        ▪ National
    b. Cumulative value of grants received as PI (RM)
        ▪ International
        ▪ National
Section B - Knowledge Dissemination
1. Publications
Publications (Indexed journals / books / chapter in books / monographs / articles in professional or scientific magazines as corresponding author)  
2. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
    a. International
        ▪ Patent granted
        ▪ Patent pending
    b. National
        ▪ Patent granted
        ▪ Patent pending
    c. Industrial design / Copyright / Trademark
3. Scientific Presentations
    a. International
        ▪ Keynote speaker
        ▪ Plenary speaker
    b. National
        ▪ Keynote speaker
        ▪ Plenary speaker
    c. Number of appearances as invited Guest speaker / Panellist in mass media in the area of expertise
4. Human Resource Development
    a. Graduated PhD students supervised (for IHLs staff only main supervision will be considered)
    b. Graduated Master students supervised (for IHLs only main supervision will be considered)
    c. Graduated Research Trainees / Research Officers supervised
Section C - Impact of Research Outputs
1. Cumulative citations received and Hirsch-index in either Thomson Reuters WOS or Scopus database.
2. Commercialisation attained
    a. Technologies commercialised with sales and/or royalties
    b. Spin-off / joint venture companies resulting from commercialisation of IPR
    c. Cumulative gross sales and/or royalties from commercialisation of R&D products (RM)
3. Academic Awards from Government, Professional and Learned Bodies
    a. International
    b. National
4. Recognition, Professional Leadership (Including Appointments to a Chair, Visiting Professorship, Editors of Books/ Journals / Citation-Indexed Conference Proceedings / Technical Guidelines)
    a. Number of recognitions and membership in international bodies or professional associations
    b. Number of recognitions and membership in national bodies or professional associations
5. Lead Consultant in Projects with Monetary Rewards
    a. Number of consultancy projects
        ▪ International
        ▪ National
    b. Cumulative value of consultancy projects (RM)
6. Impact of Research Towards Wealth Creation and/ or Societal Well-being This part requires a description in not more than 250 words. The applicant write a brief essay on their impact of research that reflects excellence, relevance and innovative leadership resulting in economicbenefits or enhancement of health / education / quality of life. This summary should reflect howthe scientist’s contribution has translated into wealth creation and societal well-being.


• Mentors to the next generation of scientists.
• Leaders to implement the STI agenda.
• Reference points for STI linkages at national and international levels.
• Think thank and advisors to national STI policy and decision-making.
• Experts to strengthen industry and stakeholder’s confidence in research capacity and capability.
• Agents for wealth creation and societal well-being.

Application Procedures