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Awards Objectives

National Innovation Award serves to recognize and acknowledge innovative and creative works that generate ideas, inventions and finished products in science and technology which contributes to economic development. All Malaysians are invited to participate in the National Innovation Award

Eligibility Criteria

1. Open to Malaysian citizens as follows::
- Student of Institut Pendidikan Tinggi Awam (IPTA)/ Institut Pendidikan Tinggi Swasta (IPTS)/Institut Kemahiran/ Politeknik/ Kolej Komuniti/Kolej Pendidikan Tinggi Awam and Swasta;
- Grassroots product entrepreneurs;
- Associations;
- Organizations/Non-Governmental Organizations (Ngos); and
- Individuals with results of innovations that can be developed.
2.  Product not yet received grants/sponsorship from any government agency or private.
3.  Product innovation must have reached the stage of prototype and not at the idea.
4.  Product innovation that has a level of sales does not hit the RM50, 000 a year.


RM1,000 (Consolation prize for each of the selected application to the final stage and exhibition)
Trophy, Appreciation Certificate and Participation Certificate

Application Procedures

The application form and term and conditions can be download from the website.